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All Rights Reserved. Chapter - The Third One? He stood straight and stared at the vortex. As a result, Wang Lin directly confronted that will! It greedily absorbed that will.

That will touched Wang Lin slightly and immediately withdrew. When it withdrew, the Heaven Defying Bead also stopped rotating. This caused the gauntlet to quickly recover. Wang Lin raised his right hand and reached into his storage space to take out a broken flag.

Aside from the Heaven Defying Bead, this was the most meaningful treasure Wang Lin had ever received. This flag was given to him by Du Tian in his earlier years, and he had given part of it to Thirteen.

Right now, he only had this broken flag left, but when the power from the Void Gate rushed in, the One-Billion-Soul Soul Flag gave off a powerful aura. The vortex from the Void Gate dissipated. Wang Lin stood there with his white hair fluttering. His left eye contained fire, his right eye contained thunder, and between his eyebrows, aside from his ancient god stars, there were three vertical marks! Those three vertical marks were karma in the middle, life and death on the left, and true and false on the right!

As for the slaughter essence, it was fused with his soul! The third step! He had really stepped into the mid stage of Spirit Void, making him a third step cultivator! He closed his eyes and silently observed his body. After a long time, he opened his eyes and saw that a strange mark had appeared on his right hand.

He was not unfamiliar with this mark; it was the sixth gate he had broken open. Looking down, the thousands of cultivators slowly flew out from planet Suzaku. Only Master South Cloud looked a bit worried. He looked into the distance at the muffled rumbles and a speculation formed in his heart.

Just at this moment, the muffled rumbles from the distance became even more urgent and violent. Wang Lin raised his head and looked into the distance with battle intent in his eyes. He was going to face the divine retribution, he wanted to see how strong the divine retribution this time was! Right now, divine retribution is coming. After I break this divine retribution, we will get drunk! He stopped and waved his sleeves to stop everyone else from moving forward.

We will wait outside and protect him! Situ Nan gave Wang Lin an anxious look.This door was like an uncrossable gully, and the two of them became silent under the moonlight. Planet Suzaku was like this… Allheaven was like this… now, in the Cloud Sea, it was still like this.

Under this silence, Mu Bingmei lowered her head and slowly walked forward. She stepped through the door and entered the courtyard, stopping 10 feet from Wang Lin. Her voice was a bit hoarse.

Chapter 1626 - The Third One?

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze from Mu Bingmei, and his gaze was calm. The complicated feelings from the past were gone, as if he was looking at was an estranged friend. This beauty contained a noble temperament, and it was an aura she naturally had from being the Brilliant Void Saintess for many years. No women Wang Lin had met in his life could compare to Mu Bingmei. Although she had brought him endless pain, she had deeply imprinted herself in his mind.

He could never completely forget about her. However, Liu Mei belonged to this woman, and Liu Mei continued on with her. However, none of this was important. Even if that wind returned, it could never affect his heart. There was a hint of bitterness and also a deep sense of worry in her eyes. He killed countless cultivators, and they had to retreat back to Allheaven. Wang Lin took a deep breath as the aura inside him condensed.

Renegade Immortal

He was like a volcano ready to explode. The king of the Corpse Sect fell, with countless dead and injured. The Corpse Sect almost fell apart! The shock the news brought him was too big.

renegade immortal 188

It was like a carriage weighing tons charging straight at him. Tuo Sen did go, but he was stopped outside by Qin Lin. They seemed to come upon an agreement and then Tuo Sen left. If Ru Er had chosen to stay with me, with her cultivation level, it would have been difficult for her to escape alive… The Brilliant Void Realm no longer exists… All the cultivators inside died in battle. Even the guardian died to Tuo Sen in exchange for a chance of me escaping… My body collapsed.

Tens of thousands of years ago, a previous Brilliant Void Saintess saved the head elder of the God Sect. The head elder owes us a favor, so I used a secret technique to flee here. Wang Lin walked forward and closed in on Mu Bingmei.All Rights Reserved.

Home Xianxia Renegade Immortal. Follow the journey of Wang Lin on his path to immortality and witness the events which made a naive child into a ruthless immortal. Situ Nan? Chapter He! Break Down! Chapter - Battle! Chapter - Kill! Small hole! Chapter - Seeing the Third Step! Chapter - Corporeal Yang! Counter Attack!

Chapter - Master, Please Act! Chapter - Heaven Defying Bead Reappears! Chapter - Thunder? Chapter - Target, Wind Celestial Realm! Chapter - Fame From 10 Years Ago! Chapter - The Strong are Respected! Chapter - One Line!

Chapter - Rush!!! Chapter - Tearing Off the Seal! Chapter - Tuo Sen Chapter - Hunt!! Chapter - Battle at the Scatter Thunder Clan! Chapter - Come!! Chapter - Battle!!

Chapter - Joss Flame Worship!The snow fell like goose feathers and covered the earth, layer by layer. The entire world was white. There was even a dense layer of snow covering the vegetation, and layers of ice reflected the sunlight. The snow pressing down on the tree branches gave off a shocking feeling, as if the branches could break at any moment.

It was currently morning, and smoke gradually arose from the mortal village. The smoke drifted into the air in an attempt to color the snow grey but was shattered by the falling snow and the cold wind.

The rising sun in the distance was a lot less warm in this cold winter. It lazily released sunlight, but there was no heat There was a plain to the east of this world. This plain was covered in grass in the summer, so mortals liked to graze their animals here. Lying down on the grass and looking at the blue sky was very pleasant. However, there was no grass in sight, only white. Due to the sunlight reflecting off the white snow, if you looked at it for too long, your eyes would hurt from the endless, white snow.

In the winter, no mortals would come here, so there were no footprints… However, today there was a person sitting alone in the snow! This person was a handsome middle-aged man who looked very upright. He calmly looked at the sky with a hint of complication in his eyes. Not long after, the world rumbled and the snowflakes suddenly collapsed.

A wild wind appeared in the sky and swept all the snow away. This wind also blew away the thick snow that had gathered on the plain around the middle-aged man. The snow was pushed apart like the ocean waves, revealing the bare earth below!

The bare earth was even more eye-catching than the surrounding snow. At the same time, divine retribution clouds appeared and quickly gathered. There seemed to be a person standing inside. This person gave off dense celestial spiritual energy and released a majestic aura! The middle-aged man patted his clothes and stood up, looking at the clouds.

He looked at the clouds with a complicated and extremely mocking gaze. As he mocked, the thunder in the sky rumbled. The celestial in the clouds raised his hand and the clouds rumbled. A bolt of thunder that could split the world descended on the man! This middle-aged man remained motionless, and the moment it fell, he raised his right hand.

The thunder fell on him, and after a thunderous rumble, the thunder dissipated. He saw the celestial in the clouds raise his right hand once more, and thunderous rumbles echoed. The second divine retribution was brewing, and it appeared a moment later!

The sky was originally covered in endless divine retribution clouds, but at this moment, a force suddenly appeared. It formed a pair of giant hands that penetrated the clouds and tore them apart!

Novela Renegade Immortal

The resulting thunderous rumble was even louder, and the divine retribution clouds were ripped open, revealing a gap! A young man in white walked out of the gap! The moment this young man appeared, the expression of the celestial changed greatly and he roared! Thunderous rumble echoed and the old man in the clouds trembled. The thunder inside his body rumbled outside of his control and his expression changed.The middle-aged man walked out of the blue light.

His gaze revealed affection and heartache. He instantly saw the middle-aged man in blue, and a roar echoed in his mind. This man looked very similar to Li Qianmei. It was obvious at the glance that they were relatives.

He recognized his voice.

Xian Ni / Renegade Inmortal

This voice had almost brought him death! This was unfathomable. No one would think that their short meeting a little more than 10 years ago in the Seven-Colored Realm would result in them meeting in again in person.

The middle-aged man looked at Li Qianmei, and his heartache became even stronger. He waved his sleeve and a storm shot toward Wang Lin. He moved at an incredible speed and instantly closed in on Wang Lin.

A powerful force surrounded Wang Lin and shrouded Li Qianmei. The man held Li Qianmei, and there was affection under the heartache in his eyes.

He turned around and walked into the distance, holding Li Qianmei. The blue light gathered toward him until he disappeared. From beginning to end, he never looked at Wang Lin once! When Wang Lin was hit by the storm, he retreated a few steps before he stopped himself. With a complicated expression, he looked at where Dao Master Blue Dream disappeared to, and became silent.

Since Dao Master Blue Dream had taken her away, he naturally had a way of reviving her. His previous plan was to leave the Blue Silk Clan and this star domain. After pondering a bit, Wang Lin chose not to leave.

He wanted to make sure that Li Qianmei would really awaken. While pondering, Wang Lin turned into a ray of light and flew straight ahead. He gradually entered the depths of the of the Blue Silk Clan.

That was where Dao Master Blue Dream was located. This cultivation planet was covered in blue light; even the inside of the cultivation seemed to be covered in a blue light that permeated the ocean. Wang Lin moved forward and entered the cultivation planet. There was no protection formation, so Wang Lin floated in the air on the cultivation planet.

The sounds of the waves of the ocean below him slowly entered his ears. The music was filled with joy. After a long time, Wang Lin took a step into the void and disappeared without a trace.

Renegade Immortal Chapter 691 to 700

When he reappeared, he was below a blue mountain.Wang Lin is a very smart boy with loving parents. Although him and his parents are shunned by the rest of their relatives, his parents always held high hopes that he will one day become someone great.

One day, Wang Lin suddenly gained the chance to walk the path of an immortal, but found that he only had mediocre talent at best. Watch Wang Lin as he breaks through his lack of talent and walks the path towards becoming a real immortal! For human translations visit Wuxiaworld where it is being translated by Rex. Description from Novelupdates. No chapters They will be uploaded later on. Translation that you see on this page are machine translations For human translations visit Wuxiaworld where it is being translated by Rex.

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renegade immortal 188

Font Face roboto droidSerif. Font Size automatic normal small medium big ultra. Background Color dark black bright. Chapter Font Color white gray black green.Description Follow the journey of Wang Lin on his path to immortality and witness the events which made a naive child into a ruthless immortal. Chapter -Those who seek Dao are willing to die at sunset if they could gain the right path in the morning. Chapter - Smell the Wind and Listen to the Rain.

The Soul Knows and Remembers All. Author : Er Gen. Latest Release : Postscrip. About Chapters. Synopsis Description Follow the journey of Wang Lin on his path to immortality and witness the events which made a naive child into a ruthless immortal.

Chapters Latest Release : Postscrip Chapter 98 - Introduction to the Foreign Battleground. Chapter - Closed Door Cultivation at a Volcano.

Chapter - Final Destination of the Ji realm. Chapter - Future senior apprentice brother. Chapter - Little friend, this old man has waited a long time for you.

renegade immortal 188

Chapter - The weakest soul transformation and the real Wang Lin. Chapter - The most talented person on planet Suzaku. Chapter - The second battle with the Forsaken Immortal Clan begins. Chapter - The true power of the 1 billion soul soul flag. Chapter - Second generation Suzaku? Situ Nan? Chapter - The secret of the Cultivation Planet Crystal. Chapter - The third encounter with Liu Mei. Chapter - The 7 true disciples of the All-Seer.

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